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BrambleDirt's Voter Guide

The election is next week, so I figured I should probably come out of the shadows and make my endorsements. Because you care! Ha ha.

Some helpful info: General Election: November 8, 2011

Please note that Brambleton is all kinds of split up so check your status with the Virginia State Board of Elections (I will give the information as I best understand it, but don't count on me as the final word on your precinct/district/etc.) Also, Virginia doesn't show party affiliation for all races on the ballot, so if that is important to you, figure it out before you go.

My opinion is just that - my opinion. I do not belong to any one political party; I am extremely liberal on many issues but less liberal on others. I hold the local leadership of both parties in low esteem. They embarrass Loudoun time and time again.

Precinct 312 - Briar Woods
(all of Brambleton west of Belmont Ridge Rd.)

State Senate - 33rd District
->Mark Herring (D)
Patricia Phillips (R)

I don't want to be represented by Republicans at the state level.

(Note: One tiny chunk of Precinct 312 (near the Beacon Crest pool) is in the 13th District. See below under Precinct 118.)

House of Delegates - 10th District

->David Butler (D)
Randy Minchew (R)


BOS - Blue Ridge District
Jim Burton (I)
->Janet Clarke (R)

McGimseymandered! I think Janet Clarke will better represent our interests on the Board of Supervisors. I had a lot more written here but I checked myself before I wrecked myself.

School Board - Blue Ridge District
Priscilla Godfrey
->Jill Turgeon

Time for change! If I could vote out Hatrick, I would.

Precinct 314 - Legacy
(Brambleton east of Belmont Ridge Rd., south of Ryan Rd.)

Same as Precinct 312, except:

House of Delegates - 87th District
->David Ramadan (R)
Mike Kondratick (D)

As I mentioned, I don't go for conservatives at the state level. However, I think the BS anti-Muslim smear campaign against Ramadan would make me want to vote *for* him if I were in the 87th. I'm petty like that.

Precinct 118 - Moorefield
(Brambleton east of Belmont Ridge Rd., north of Ryan Rd.)

Consider yourself lucky, Precinct 118. You are the only Brambletonians in the Dulles District.

State Senate - 13th District
->Shawn Mitchell (D)
Dick Black (R)

Dick Black is terrible. Google him.

House of Delegates - 32nd District
-> Tag Greason (R)

Vote for Tag, or not, or write in someone else. We both worked at UUNET, and I helped him with some of his customers' technical problems a few times, but I don't really know him and I know he doesn't remember me.

BOS - Dulles District
Larry Roeder (D)
-> Matt Letourneau (R)

See my previous post. If elected, Matt will make finishing Loudoun County Parkway a priority. That way, he'll be able to get from one side of his district to the other without leaving it. (No, I'm not at all still bitter about redistricting.)

Countywide races:

BOS Chairman
->Scott York (R)
Tom Bellanca (D)

School Board At-Large
Jay Bose
->Bob Ohneiser
Tom Reed

->Mike Chapman (R)
Steve Simpson (I)
Ron Speakman (I)

Simpson has a sports drink problem and Speakman sends nude photos (not of himself!) to campaign volunteers' phones. More from the WaPo.

Commonwealth's Attorney
->Jennifer Wexton (D)
Jim Plowman (R)

[I accidentally omitted this race on my first pass.] Wexton's got my vote on this one, mainly because of how Plowman handled the Ting-Yi Oei case. Loudoun Insider summarizes it better than I can.

Other races of interest:

BOS - Broad Run District
-> Cliff Keirce (I)
Andrea McGimsey (D)
Shawn Williams (R)

Time to teach the Loudoun Dems a lesson. They screwed Brambleton over in the redistricting and created the "amoeba" so that McGimsey could get re-elected. McGimsey needs to go. Plus, I like Cliff.

BOS - Sterling District

-> Al Nevarez (D)
Eugene Delgaudio (R)
Ali Shahriari (I)

Al is a union man. That's my kind of people. But, more importantly, EUGENE MUST GO. If you live in the Sterling District, please educate yourself about his day job. Google him, and see if you want him representing you as an elected official. I wouldn't.

School Board - Broad Run District
Kevin Kuesters

Kuesters is running unopposed. He was recently arrested for assaulting his wife. Only one of his kids attends public school (the other two go to St. Theresa). He doesn't support full-day kindergarten. Write in Joy Maloney instead.

See you at the polls!