Sunday, February 6, 2011

Petition for no street parking on Regal Wood

Brambleton residents, I'd like to call your attention to a petition started by becca and el8 (husband-and-wife superduo who run the Brambletonian): No Street Parking on Regal Wood Drive between Olympia and Vickery Park. If you live here, you know that Regal Wood Drive is often nearly impassable, due to a combination of poor design, people who park illegally near corners, lack of stop signs at Cartier, and the fact that some of the legal spots dangerously block people getting out of their driveways. Throw in some snow, garbage cans, and inconsiderate people who park their Canyoneros two feet from the curb, and it makes for one congested street.

Here's the Brambletonian thread discussing the petition, including some back-and-forth between residents of Regal Wood who support the petition, and one who opposes it.

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