Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Witch hunt

Last week, a white man wearing a white bandanna was spotted entertaining himself with, um, himself in his car outside Harris Teeter. Someone saw and called the police. They were too bewildered/disgusted to get the license plate, but they did note the color and type of car. Let the witch hunt commence!

I'm not going to say the real color and type of car here, because I don't want to add fuel to the fire.  It wasn't a silver Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna, so already it was a real freak show here in Brambleton.  It was a noticeable color of a slightly unusual sedan.  Let's say it was a red PT Cruiser.  Oh, and with a white stripe.  So, anyway, the police were called, and someone sounded the alarm on the B_Alert Facebook group...with unsurprising results:

"I will be more aware of [PT Cruisers] from now on"

"There was one of those in the Harris Teeter lot last night maybe around 7 pm or so"

"If anyone sees the [red PT Cruiser] with a white stripe again, please write down the license plate number. It might not be him, but it could be."

"[Original Poster], do you know if the car had a vertical white stripe on the right side? Back in March of this year, I took a picture of a license plate of a [PT Cruiser] in Harris Teeter because it shocked me that someone had a plate that said something sexual in Spanish. There was a man in the driver's seat. I still have the pic. I can send it to you."

"[Original Poster], do you know if any of the witnesses recall any part of the license plate? I pulled up behind a car matching this description on Loudoun County Parkway about 30 minutes ago and was able to snap a picture of his license plate. It's a little blurry because of the rain but you can still make out the numbers. I'm just a little reluctant to forward the photo because there may be more than one car in the neighborhood matching this description and I'd hate for an innocent person to be tagged for such a creepy offense. Unfortunately I was not able to get a look at the driver."

Cooler heads stepped in and suggested that any "helpful" information be submitted to the police and not forwarded around to random people. But already we have people taking pictures WHILE DRIVING IN THE RAIN of [red PT Cruisers]. And the stripe - the police only said it was a white stripe. Is it vertical? Horizontal?  WHO CAN SAY??!!

Wanna guess what the closest car dealership to our neighborhood is? And it's a stone's throw from a CarMax too.  There are more than a handful of [PT Cruisers] driving around here.

If the next perv to be spotted is driving a dark red Chrysler Town & Country, I'm in trouble. Will you be my alibi?


Jason said...

You sure it's a PT Cruiser? No Dodge dealer nearby that I know of.

Jason said...
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BrambleDirt said...

It's a [PT Cruiser]. Actual car title changed to protect the innocent. Which was the point of the post.