Friday, October 19, 2007

Creighton's Corner ES boundary planning

Sam Adamo's presentation (PDF) from the first Creighton's Corner ES boundary input meeting is available online. The same presentation will be given at the second input meeting at Legacy ES on October 25.

Brambleton is currently divided into four planning zones: DN33 (Summerfield and the new condos); DN36.2 (the "west side": west of Belmont Ridge, south of Ryan, north of Creighton); DN36.3 (the "east side"; east of BRR, south of Ryan, north of Creighton); and DN36 (east of BRR, south of Creighton).

There are several proposed scenarios (included in the presentation PDF):
  • Plan 450: DN36.2 and DN36.3 go to Legacy; DN33 and DN36 (and the small developments north of Ryan, such as Belle Terra and Forest Run) go to Creighton's Corner
  • Plan 451: DN36.2, DN36.3, and DN33 go to Legacy; DN36 goes to Creighton's Corner
  • Plan 452: DN36.3 (and Belle Terra, Forest Run, etc.) go to Legacy; DN33, DN36.2, and DN36 go to Creighton's Corner
An additional scenario (PDF) has been posted on the LCPS site:
  • Plan 453: same as Plan 451, except some of the non-Brambleton developments north of Ryan are divvied up differently
From last year's Creighton's Corner ES planning meetings (postponed because the school wouldn't be built on time for the 2007-2008 school year, and the opening of Rosa Lee Carter ES reduced overcrowding at Legacy ES), some of you may remember that many Brambletonians were against splitting up the Phase I kids and sending the "west siders" all the way down to Creighton's Corner ES, especially since they would all have to pass by Legacy ES to get there. That's what Plan 452 proposes.

These are NOT the final recommendations. If you have comments, you can submit them to the LCPS Department of Planning and Legislative Services ( LCPS tells you how to submit an alternate scenario:
Utilizing the planning zone map provided at the community input meetings and/or posted on the LCPS web site (follow the ‘Planning & Legislative Services’ quick link), determine which planning zones (DN and/or DS) you believe should be assigned to each elementary school.

Submit your plan in writing (either a list of planning zones to assign to each area school or a colored map with a legend notingwhich color is associated with which school) to the Department of Planning and Legislative Services. Upon receipt, staff will not only map your proposed boundaries, but also provide enrollment projections based on your plan. The plan will then be assigned a number (Plan #) and posted on the LCPS web site for additional public review and comment. A copy of the plan will also be mailed to you for your review. No names will be posted with plans submitted by community members. It will be at your discretion if you wish to have your name associated with a specific plan.

Copies of the plan will also be provided to each School Board member and senior administrative staff.
Boundary scenarios must be submitted by Friday, November 2, at 4:00 p.m. On Tuesday, November 13, the Planning staff will submit their recommendations to the School Board (6:30 p.m.); a public hearing on their recommendations will be held on Monday, November 26, at 6:30 p.m.; and the boundary adoption meeting will be Tuesday, December 11, also at 6:30 p.m. All of these meetings will be at the LCPS Administration Building (behind Clyde's, in Broadlands).

If you live on the "west side" or in Summerfield and you want your kids to stay at Legacy ES, or you live elsewhere in Brambleton but want to preserve the community spirit that has developed over the past 5 years among the earliest residents, now is the time to get involved in this process. Yes, we know (as Sam Adamo admonished us during the last go-round) that all the children in Brambleton will not attend the same school as more phases are built. And sure, some kids in the Ashburn area have been redistricted into different schools every year. But BrambleDirt believes that DN36.2 and DN33 should stay at Legacy ES.

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