Thursday, October 4, 2007

No Snow in the forecast

By now you've no doubt read about the chicken debate last night over at Living in LoCo. You haven't? Well, run over there and read it. Then come back to me.

It's no secret - BrambleDirt is voting for Stevens Miller on November 6. Some of you are nodding your heads knowingly. Some of you are clicking away from my page in disgust. Some of you are wondering, "What's happening on November 6?" Well, it's time for a change in Loudoun County, and the November 6 elections can help turn us around from the train wreck we're becoming.

I'll let Mr. Miller speak for himself. From his site:
We need a county government that works for the residents, not for the people who build houses here. Further, and maybe even more importantly, we need a board of supervisors composed entirely of individuals who respect and care about what Loudoun's citizens think and say. Right now, our board's majority is under an ethical cloud, one that seems to have grown out of its practice of listening only to developers and what they want, while belittling and insulting honest residents when they come to be heard at the government center. That's not right and I want to change it. We have a right to a Dulles supervisor that works for us, that listens to us, and that is accountable to us, rather than one that works for builders, listens to a few chosen confidants, and has drawn the attention of the FBI.
Steve Snow has got to go, people. If you care about over-development... if you've sat forever on Loudoun County Parkway waiting to turn onto Waxpool... if you want your elected representative to respect the needs of Dulles North as much as he respects the needs of Dulles South... then vote for Stevens Miller on November 6. To vote in this election, you must be registered by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9. Here's more information from the Loudoun County Web site.

And if you're a resident of the Sterling District, I sincerely hope that you are able to vote that bigot Delgaudio out of office.

More interesting information about the incumbents is available from the Loudoun Coalition. (Shield your eyes from the blinding colors, and focus instead on the content within.)


Pam said...

That DelGaudio? The one on the left?

Anonymous said...

Here's the real review of the night...