Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump day

Apologies for the lack of updates - BrambleDirt is a little under the weather.

Annual Halloween "booing" has been moving full steam ahead... some residents have been zealously booed more than once (before they could put up their ghosts to let people know they've been booed already). BrambleDirt got booed with a nice package but unfortunately it didn't have a ghost to post, or the poem that should accompany the package. So don't boo me again!

Rumor has it that Annalee's is a bridal shop. Hmm.

Reminder: the Creighton's Corner ES boundary input meeting is 6:30 pm tomorrow night (Thursday) at Legacy ES. (My previous post on the subject.) A fifth scenario has been posted on the LCPS site: Plan 454 (PDF). This scenario has DN33, DN36.1, and DN36.2 (plus some others) going to Legacy ES. Friday, November 2 is the last day to submit alternate scenarios.

Finally, a request. From last week's Friday Flash:
Children at Play – The Association has had an increase in calls and correspondence with regards to children playing in the streets, both public and private. Residents are reminded that playing in the streets is prohibited by the State, County and the Association. The Declaration states that Common drives and private streets are for the ingress and egress of vehicles to the Affected Lots; and that such access shall not be affected or jeopardized. Please join with us in keeping our children safe.

There are some children on the west side of Brambleton who are going to get themselves seriously hurt - it's just a matter of time. These boys ride their skateboards down and around Cartier Terrace from Magellan Square to Legacy Park. They shoot right out into traffic, without stopping to look for cars. Even more dangerously, they sometimes lie facedown on their boards and ride in the street. There are also children who refuse to move out of the street. This summer, I was driving through Magellan Square (very slowly - those streets, especially on trash days, make me nervous) and I encountered a boy sitting in the middle of the street, with his bike lying next to him. I first looked to see if maybe he'd fallen and was hurt, but he seemed fine. I waved at him, but he just kept looking right at me. There was no way I could go around him. Finally, he got up, picked up his bike, and rode past me in the other direction. On my way out of the square, I saw him ride into an open garage on Coronado Terrace.

Parents, please talk to your children about street safety. BrambleDirt believes that children should have unstructured play as much as possible, but there has to be a middle ground between keeping them locked in the house at all times, and letting them roam free without a basic understanding that car vs. skateboarder is not a match-up they should experience. Yes, cars speed through our neighborhood. It's awful, and I would gladly support speed humps along Legacy Park Drive and other major thoroughfares. But parents are just as much at fault if they do not teach their children how to safely play outside. These aren't toddlers we're talking about - they're older elementary or middle-school aged children.

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