Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BCA annual meeting recap

The Brambleton Community Association annual meeting was last night, and turnout was fair. There were enough attendees (and proxies) for quorum. I wrote up the Verizon-related stuff for another blog, and I'll link to it when it's up. I'll also be writing elsewhere about the nightmare that is the Ryan Rd/Loudoun County Parkway interchange.

Here I want to talk about the other topics - Rick Stone gave the Manager's Report, Steve Schulte gave the Developer's Report, and there were reports from each of the committees (Finance, Covenants, Grounds and Facilities, and Activities). Highlights and factoids:

By the end of 2007, we will have over 2000 homes. With the four rezoned parcels, Brambleton will be the largest community in Loudoun County, with nearly 9000 homes!

The second pool is planned to open in 2008, but no guarantee that it will be ready for Memorial Day. It is planned to have outdoor fireplace, grills, and hot tub, and they hope to have some of the facility open year-round (not the pool itself).

The HOA office is moving upstairs to the Visitor's Center; the Visitor's Center is moving to that center space in the "Daily Needs" section of the BTC.

They are implementing an HOA management database that will allow us to have a "Pool Pass for Life", among other things. No more in-person renewal of the pool passes every year.

Freedom Fest will be on Saturday, June 28, 2008, and there will be FIREWORKS. Literally.

They want to start up a new committee to discuss community traffic safety (and possible solutions, which do NOT include speedbumps, because the county says NO).

Shame, shame: this year there were 201 first notices about lawn violations, 84 second notices, and 20 lawns had to be mowed by contractors. There were 180 complaints from residents about other people's covenant violations.

The first ever Distinguished Community Service Award was presented to Cady Coe and family. Coe is the current chair of the Activities Committee, and has worked really hard to bring us the activities we enjoy, and which have really been expanded and enhanced this year.

Brambleton is still one of the best-selling communities in Loudoun County. The next phases to be built will include the "Water Tower District" - "edgy, industrial" townhomes by the water towers. They want to build up the density around the BTC.

The golf course is still in progress, people... eight holes have been roughed in. No date for completion. Patience, patience.

Fox Cinemas is doing better than they expected - they are the 5th largest grossing theater in the DC metro area. No news on other tenants for the vacancies in the BTC. They would like to sign a gym/health club.

There are no plans for a dog park, but it's on their radar as something they'd like to have. The problem is finding a place to put it. It couldn't go in any existing neighborhood.

An agreement has been signed with an unnamed day care provider.

There won't be any stop signs put in along Belmont Ridge Road near Legacy ES; once the 659 relocation is all finished, they might be able to get the speed limit lowered, but that involves Virginia bureaucracy, so don't hold your breath. There will be four pedestrian underpasses related to the golf course: two on BRR, one on North Star, and one on Ryan.

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Scoot said...

Thanks for posting that recap, Candy.

My random thoughts as I read through your report:

* Pool pass for life: It's a d&mn 'bout time.
* Fireworks at the 2008 Freedom Fest: Not if we're still in a drought, I should think!
* 20 lawns had to be mowed by contractors? I'm surprised it wasn't more. People are pigs around here.
* They want to build "edgy, industrial" townhomes by the water towers to increase density around the town center? That makes no sense--the water towers are a mile away from the town center. Or are we about to get some ugly new towers near the BTC?
* Even though I rarely venture into public movie theaters these days, I'm thrilled to see that Fox Cinemas is doing so well. A strong magnet like Fox Cinemas can only mean good things for businesses at the BTC. And besides, I'm gonna need to have a nearby movie palace to see Star Trek next Christmas. 8)
* ARRRGHH about the dog park. We really need one... although I suspect that a-holes who let their mangy mutts poop and piddle in my yard will be too lazy to use a dog park even if one was situated smack dab in the middle of the 'hood.

I look forward to reading your recaps on the Verizon and LCP/Ryan disasters.