Saturday, November 17, 2007

Out-of-towners on the town

BrambleDirt has some out-of-town family guests this weekend, and we decided to hit the Friday night scene at the BTC. First, we had dinner at My Thai Place, which was delicious as always. I've never seen it so crowded - which is a good thing. It means that even on a cold, windy night, they can attract business (California Tortilla and Subway were empty). You cannot beat the #24 with chicken, people! And the Thai iced tea was mmm mmm good.

Next, we decided to check out Nick's (which you may remember from the incident back in October). I haven't been there in a while - actually, since the last time these particular guests were in town, which was months ago. Part of the reason for our avoidance of Nick's was a certain craptastic bartender, who didn't seem to be getting any better at doing his job in the time since Nick's first opened. Many of you know exactly who I'm talking about.

Well, good news - he wasn't anywhere in sight last night. (I don't know if this is a permanent situation or not.) We were seated in the bar area, and our server Andrea was AWESOME - drinks were prompt, drinks were correct, and the bill was prompt and correct. She was even proactive with BrambleDirt's Diet Coke refills (BrambleDirt is almost always the designated driver), bringing replacement glasses of delicious soda goodness before I even realized that I was near the bottom of my current glass. For that she is to be highly commended. (Also, Mr. BrambleDirt recognized one of the other bartenders as being from the Broadlands Pub - so I guess they've brought in a slate of new talent.)

Unfortunately, the other reason for avoiding Nick's was still in evidence - the DJ. Last night, the usual guy had another gig, so there was a sub. He didn't get there until 10:30 p.m. (DJ usually starts around 9-9:30), but once he did, the jukebox-and-TV-sports vibe died when the bad house mixes started up. It's just not the right crowd for that. Although we did get a sweet cougar sighting - two women in full-length furs slunk into the bar area, but didn't stay long. Maybe it was because my sister-in-law growled and did a fake paw in their faces as they walked past.

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