Thursday, November 29, 2007

Karaoke night at Nick's

Former Brambleton resident Shay M. is back in town this week, and a group of us celebrated by meeting her for drinks at Nick's last night. BrambleDirt and husband could only stay until time to leave for our band rehearsal, but promised to come back afterward if the party was still going.

We called around 10 p.m., and were thrilled to hear that not only were some of them still at Nick's, but karaoke had started up. Shay, Becca C., and Kim W. were singing together as a group, taking turns with a guy named Butch (who did an awesome Springsteen). I joined right in with the girls as Jason C. and Mr. BrambleDirt watched with glee and/or terror and/or embarrassment. We entertained the few patrons left at Nick's with classics like "The Warrior", "Alcohol" (Brad Paisley, not Barenaked Ladies), "I Love This Bar", and many more. I sang a few solos, and husband sang with me on a duet from "Rent". There is a rumor of video evidence, but I haven't seen it yet.

Much thanks to Steve the karaoke master (I think his name was Steve, right? Geez, I wasn't even drinking.) If only Nick's would replace the Friday DJ with karaoke... there'd be a lot more participation and much more fun on Fridays.

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Shay said...

Your duet with Mr. Brambledirt was AWESOME!!! Thanks for a great time :)