Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Congratulations to all the winners, especially our new Dulles District Supervisor, Stevens Miller! He won 10 of 11 precincts, and overall had 1464 more votes than Snow.

Other races that affect us: Mark Herring keeps his VA Senate seat; Bruce Roemmelt lost his VA House challenge against Bob Marshall; and Sheriff Simpson keeps his job, as does BoS Chairman Scott York. Incumbent Supervisors Sally Kurtz, Jim Burton, and Lori Waters will be joined on the Board by Miller, Andrea McGimsey, Susan Buckley, and Kelly Burk. Oh, and Eugene Delgaudio sticks around for another term as Court Jester. Great (sigh). Bob Dupree stays our School Board rep, and Tom Reed again won the At-Large seat.

All of the bond initiatives passed, except for the Broadlands Rec Center, which was defeated by a whopping 64%. At least we'll be getting our library - the Gum Spring Library bond won, but only by 55%. Why can't our part of the county have nice things? Why should we have to drive 30 minutes (through the traffic suck that is Waxpool and/or 28) to swim indoors or check out books? Here's a map of the current PRCS facilities, with Brambleton conveniently circled. I guess we will be pushed more and more towards South Riding, just because it's less hassle to get to.

The big news statewide is that the Virginia Senate will have a Democratic majority for the first time in a decade. Woo-hoo!

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